We're not sure if it's the first glimpse of the sea after a time away, or the salty scent in the air as you near the shore that connects us to the desire to get to the water's edge. Either way we find ourselves often drawn to water at times of contemplation, stress or joy.

There's the careful eyeing up of the sea from the land above - we like to walk to the lesser known spots in Dorset that usually involve a climb down grassy hills - to see the the shape and size of the waves. Colour plays a huge part in the excitement; crystal clear on the pebble beaches on a calm day to whipped up froth with a little wind, while the sandy beaches further west have that unique soft jade hue topped with lacy waves. Somedays it's not swimming weather, but it's still refreshing to sit and watch the waves crash and churn on the shore before they retreat to come back again.

On the days we venture in it's always a cautious entrance... There are those like seals who dash in quickly and plunge to their necks, but we prefer the gentler approach - enjoying the notion of straying further from shore to the point where we let go entirely, and give in to the water. Looking back to solid land gives you a different perspective, and while you stretch your arms and legs in the water, your mind seems to stretch too. You're very much in the here and now, and the enforced mindfulness is always refreshing.

If you're keen to get into the wild waters, we recommend the Outdoor Swimming Society.